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As a church we recognise that the growth in the community needs to be matched by growth in our mission. New faces are always most welcome at our services, on the first Sunday of the month we have all age worship in the Village Hall, and communion or praise at Church Whitfield on the other Sundays. We also want to show that we are active throughout the week, and are looking for ideas. We are involved in the school, and we show up to take assemblies. Maybe we could start a Knit and Natter group, or coffee mornings. Perhaps even an afternoon Messy Church after school. We are open to new ideas, so please click on the pot and chip in.


Photos of Whitfield Flower Festival 2017 Photos of walkers during the Whitecliff Walking Festival 2017 Photos of Whitfield Harvest Festival


This link is intended as a convenient place to post information about the planning process and development activity for Whitfield and the immediate area around. Please use it to drop-in information you have spotted coming from Dover District Council or the Parish Council. Sometimes things happen fast and the community gets caught-out. Developers have their own agenda and are driven by profit, we need to keep an eye on what is actually happening on and in the ground. Are they building what they are entitled to do, are they behaving well as regards traffic movements, are they being a nuisance to the community? There will always be some disruption during development, but this can be minimised. We need to keep an eye.


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In the 8 years I have been living in the area I have often seen and heard about how Whitfield is going to grow fast. In fact we have seen it growing, but at a steady pace. This gives us a challenge and an opportunity. With this in mind we are looking to position the church to respond, and serve the community. We welcome and are open to new ideas.

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