Prayer of the Month


Bewsborough Prayer Group


The Parish Prayer Group will be meeting at 9am on the 2nd Thursday

of each month at Barfrestone and on 4th Thursday of each month at 5pm at Shepherdswell church.

All are welcome.

For more info contact Rev Sue




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Let's Prayer together at 8am

Prayer for the Parish


At the PCC meeting on 13th February it was agreed that involving everyone in praying for Bewsborough and the changes that lie ahead was an imperative.


Morning Prayer is said at Shepherdswell on weekday mornings at 7.45 a.m. and it seemed appropriate to ask everyone to join in prayer at 8am when the intercessions are said. It may not always be possible for everyone to pray at 8a.m. and we know that not everyone can get to Shepherdswell at that time each day, but we ask that in your regular time of prayer you hold the parish before God.


The following prayer may be of help, but your own prayers are equally important, and we know that God answers prayer.


Father God, we give you thanks for all you have given to us;

for our families and friends; for our village and its many activities;

for the part you have asked us to play in our church; in mission, in outreach, in prayer.

We ask for your guidance as we face change;

for willingness to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit;

for an openness of mind as we listen to others;

for a desire to create all that encourages your name to be glorified;

for your presence and your peace as we support one another.

that your will may be done in our churches and villages.

all this we ask in your name Lord Jesus and through you Holy Spirit.





Prayer Cycle for May

Spirit of the Living God,

fall afresh on us,

freshen us, renew us,

open our eyes to the needful tasks

and our own abilities to fulfil the work.