HMD 2017

Here's what our children made on Holocaust Memorial Day in the primary schools across our Parish of Bewsborough.



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Year 1 & 2 learned about six sided star of David and "lit" up

a star and said a prayer to remember children in war



Year 3 thought about memory, played the memory game,

thought about what they would take in a suitcase if they

needed to flee and finally drew a picture of who they would

like to remember in a photograph.


Year 4 & 5 followed the story of a girl from a primary school

called Vera, from her being sent by Kindertransport, to

arriving in England to resettling to a new life without her family.

The orange notes are what the children thought she was feeling.


Then they looked at a picture painted by a holocaust survivor

of his father sending him away quickly. The children considered

how they would feel through the bombing of Warsaw and being

separated from people they love.